Port Gothenburg gets funds for infrastructure upgrades

The Swedish government and the port authority, Göteborgs Hamn AB, are set to invest a total of €371 million (SEK 4.3 billion) in measures aimed at enhancing maritime safety and boosting economic activity at the port. The investment will be evenly split between the Swedish state and the port authority.

From the €185 million (SEK 2.15 billion) provided by the Swedish state, €146 million (SEK 1.7 billion) will be granted as direct financial aid. This aid will specifically be allocated to waterway works in the port area, with the primary goal of benefiting the economic activities of the port. As a result, this portion of the state financing qualifies as State aid.

The remaining approximately €40 million (SEK 459 million) will be utilised for financing fairway marking and dredging, contributing to the overall fluidity and safety of traffic in the fairway.

The port authority will contribute to the initiative by financing infrastructure works, including enhancements to quay facilities and related dredging, amounting to €185 million (SEK 2.15 billion). This funding will be secured through a market-conforming loan.

The investment aims to strengthen the port’s capabilities, improve safety measures, and facilitate smoother maritime traffic. The collaborative effort between the government and the port authority underscores a commitment to bolstering the port’s economic impact while ensuring a secure and efficient maritime environment.

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