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Points are accumulated depending on where you finish and how many people where playing in that tournament.

You get a point for every person you beat.

The final table consists of 9 players.

9th will get 2x points
8th will get 3x points
7th will get 4x points
6th will get 5x points
5th will get 6x points
4th will get 7x points
3rd will get 8x points
2nd will get 9x points
1st will get 10x points

Buy in games will accumulate triple points for everyone who plays.

To view where you are coming in the current month for either the Freerolls or Buyins, click the “Venue” drop down box and select the current month.

Leaderboard has been running since 2007 using this same system.

For the curiousity of members, here is the AOPL life time leaderboard which makes interesting reading. This is the official list. This doesn’t count to any yearly or monthly games.