Global liquidity indicators

Updated 27 October 2023

From December 2022, the country grouping emerging market and developing economies (EMDEs) used in statistical commentaries and shown in table E2 has been aligned with the country classification in the BIS Annual Economic Report, as detailed here.

Our data

Table PDF BIS Statistics Explorer
E1 Banks’ claims PDF
E2 Total credit to non-bank borrowers by currency of denomination    
  E2.1 US dollar PDF
  E2.2 Euro PDF
  E2.3 Japanese yen PDF

The BIS ceased receiving data from public authorities in Russia after 28 February 2022. Where possible, data publication will be continued if the BIS is able to use data from public or commercial sources.

Browse and download data

Global liquidity indicators can be browsed using the BIS Data Portal and the BIS Statistics Explorer, as well as downloaded in a single CSV file.


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