What do I need to do?
You need to be registered with PokerStars to play in our games.

Do I have to download software?
No, there is a browser version and an Android and IOS app

If you are not a member of our site, go to www.pokerstars.com and download or signup and use one of their apps.

I have downloaded the software. Now what?
Once you have registered with PokerStars, you simply start the software and it will take you to the lobby.
Use your username or nickname along with the password you register with and this will log you into their system.
All available games will be listed.

I have downloaded the software and logged in, but can’t find the tournaments for Australian Online Poker League?
You can find detailed instructions on how to join our games on this link —> Click me

Do I need to be Australian to join?  We are an Aussie League but it doesn’t matter if your not Aussie, just expect to be playing against some of the best Aussie Online Poker Players in the country.

Do I have to register at both PokerStars and the AOPL website?
Short answer is no, long answer is if you want to fully enjoy the benefits of our site, you should on our site too.

Do I need to deposit money to play in your games?
No deposit is necessary, we do have free fun games from time to time which use PokerStars play chips.