Consolidated banking statistics

Updated 27 October 2023

The BIS has removed economic country groupings from the statistical global tables on the BIS public website. BIS statistical commentaries and other BIS publications occasionally use country groupings for analytical purposes. From December 2022, the country groupings advanced economies (AEs) and emerging market and developing economies (EMDEs) used in statistical commentaries have been aligned with the country classification in the BIS Annual Economic Report, as detailed here. The economies previously classified as “Offshore centres” have been reallocated to these two groups. For a methodology for identifying financial centres, see P Pogliani and P Wooldridge, “Cross-border financial centres”, BIS Working Papers, no 1035, July 2022.

Our data

Table PDF BIS Statistics Explorer
Global tables – summary view of worldwide positions    
B1 Summary of consolidated statistics, by nationality of reporting bank PDF
B2 Summary of foreign claims (immediate counterparty basis), by nationality of BIS reporting bank PDF
B3 Summary of foreign claims and other potential exposures (guarantor basis), by nationality of BIS reporting bank PDF
Country tables – detailed view of positions on individual countries    
B4 Residence of counterparty, by nationality of reporting bank    

The data are subject to revision and are affected by breaks in series – changes in compilation – over time. Breaks in series may arise from: changes in the population of reporting institutions, including the addition of new reporting countries; changes in reporting practices; or methodological improvements.

Browse and download data

International banking statistics can be browsed using the BIS Data Portal and the BIS Statistics Explorer, as well as downloaded in a single CSV file.


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